The Professional

Graduated from Temple University with a BA in communications studies—more recently than he’d care to admit. Entered the industry as a freelancer during his sophomore year of college—and hasn’t looked back. Firmly believes you can never use too many em-dashes—as demonstrated here. Types very loudly—prefers to think of it as passionately. Carries far more writing implements than necessary.

The Personal

Amateur pizza chef—and a damn good one. Still trying to perfect his dough recipe, with no end in sight. Finds deep primal joy in finding, entering and exploring abandoned buildings and secret spots of every variety (within the constraints of legality, of course). Treats Old Bay like ketchup. Forever re-watching Twin Peaks, despite already knowing who killed Laura Palmer. Worst crime he ever committed was rearranging one of those moveable-type church signs (he won’t tell you what he made it say).