The Professional

Has worked in the PR field since 1988 at agencies across the country—Bala Cynwyd, Charleston, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia. Taught advertising to juniors at the College of Charleston. A good brainstormer. On the account team at Edelman PR that won an IPRA Golden Award and a Publicity Club of Chicago Golden Trumpet Award for Advantage Flea Control PR campaign (Bayer Animal Health was the client).

The Personal

Drove a 30-foot-high giant inflatable flea around NYC on a flatbed truck to help launch Bayer Animal Health’s Advantage flea control product for cats and dogs; may have taken down a power line. Lived in Dublin, Ireland, 2004–2007, with husband and two children; edited Hints for Living in Ireland, a guidebook for American expats. An avid runner who favors half-marathons. At Mont Tremblant in Quebec, scaled a sheer vertical rock 660 feet up, hooking and unhooking to cables the whole way—then had to come down same way. Favorite place to be is either on the beach—any beach—all day through sunset, or on her screened-in porch.