The Story  

Before its inception, Maine Health was a loose collection of small hospitals and one large academic medical center in Portland. While they each had their own identity, they lacked the synergistic benefit of being aligned as a larger group. This made the recruitment of physicians and advanced practitioners difficult, because the hospitals frequently found themselves competing against each other for the same talent.

The Strategy  

As a new entity, Maine Health would need a unified voice, plus positive employment and cultural attributes that would attract top candidates. So AB&C conducted a brand discovery audit across all the hospitals to identify what differentiated Maine Health from other health systems, and which attributes would resonate best with candidates, no matter where in the Maine Health network they chose to practice. This approach enables recruitment for a specific position within a single communication that includes multiple practice locations—coastal, city, suburban, rural—further meeting candidates’ lifestyle preferences.

The Success  

The unique look and feel of the new campaign wowed everyone, and Maine Health will soon launch a multimedia effort of digital, print and e-marketing tactics. The appreciation expressed by Maine Health’s physician recruitment team has since opened doors for AB&C to work with the organization’s overall talent acquisition group, to recruit for all job positions—medical, nonmedical, leadership, administrative and support staff.

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Brand campaign ad
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