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Unlocking millennial candidates: messaging that attracts top talent.

The Story

This story begins with some significant facts about millennials.  

  • They are “digital natives” whove been exposed to digital technology from an early age.  

  • They tend to have unique values and attitudes about life, work, family, social issues and environmental concerns.  

  • Their emphasis on work-life balance, diversity and social responsibility differs from the values held by earlier generations.  

  • Compared with older generations, they typically prefer different communication channels and methods, such as texting and social media, which has implications for marketing, advertising and other interactions. 

Millennials are clearly distinct from preceding generations. They also represent a significant demographic shift. By 2025, it’s expected that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.  
Thats why Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious health systems, partnered with AB&C. They compete for top-tier candidates for their residency and fellowship programs, and recognizing the importance of this generational shift is key to landing top-tier candidates.  

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The Strategy

Through extensive research, discovery and active listening, we uncovered the special qualities that matter most to potential candidates. We also discovered that Kaiser Permanente’s residents and fellows are not simply trained at far-above-level norms—they’re empowered to embrace a richer, more robust education that drives them to be all they can be.

Printed handout for residency and fellowship recruitment events.

When you open the handout, a sheet of mylar on the right panel reflects the image of the person holding the piece.

Use your webcam for the full experience.

The Success

This led us to develop distinctive messaging. It was also crucial to distill our findings into a relatable and appealing messaging platform for millennials, driven by this fact: Millennials don’t want to hear about why Kaiser Permanente is great. They want to know how Kaiser Permanente will shape their future.  

A resulting campaign, If this is what you see, we see you with us, spoke to millennials and captured the personality of the candidates Kaiser Permanente sought to attract: high achievers humbled by their gift for medicine and science, and driven to do all they can with it.  

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