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Finding talent has never been this fierce.

The Story

The talent marketplace is more competitive now than it has been at any time in the last 50 years. Like many U.S. employers, the State of Delaware grapples with the daunting task of finding qualified candidates for roles within its state agencies. From correctional officers and nurses to administrators, attracting qualified talent is a tough gig. That’s why they turned to AB&C for a helping hand. We have had a local presence in Delaware, including a Wilmington office, and multiple AB&Cers also call Delaware their home, so we jumped at the opportunity.

The Strategy

AB&C developed a dual-focused strategy with tactics that included the following: 

  • Increasing brand awareness of employment opportunities. 

  • Promoting and optimizing select, hard-to-fill positions on job board aggregators to drive applications. 


The Success

Our campaign helped the Delaware Department of Human Resources set new hiring records. In 2023, applications for state jobs increased by an average of 20% per month, with some months showing an increase of 37%.  

Overall, the campaign also generated millions of job posting impressions and provided a major lift to the State of Delaware’s Department of Human Resources. 

Over one three-month period alone, the campaign generated these astounding application numbers:

Department of Corrections
social services

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