The Story  

Planet Fitness was opening several new locations across the country and asked us to help them spread the word and increase membership. With lots of competition in the surrounding areas, we decided to focus on what Planet Fitness offers less of: low fees, no commitment and absolutely no lunks.

The Strategy  

The strategy was simple. We introduced Planet Fitness to their new neighbors by taking the Planet Fitness experience out on the road and engaging people where they already are. With everything from mini workouts along their commute to signage in the most heavily trafficked mall in the Delaware Valley, we created a memorable first impression in Planet Fitness’ signature style.

The Success  

What started as a one-opening campaign was so successful that Planet Fitness asked us for help with another, and then some help giving a few current locations a little boost. Between meeting and exceeding their membership goals, it seems like things are really working out.

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Pump Toppers.