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  1. Agency Life

    No Mad Man

    Many have heard me talk about how lucky I was to “fall into” the advertising business. Not sure it was pure luck—my dad owned an advertising/PR shop for many years that was located, coincidentally, about two blocks from my office today. My entry into this business was pretty much accidental. I had given notice at […]

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  2. Agency Life

    Weathering our business

    Breaking news: This has been one horrible winter for any one living in the eastern third of the country. Let’s be honest, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois — even parts of Ohio and New York — you expect to get hit like this. But the South is wholly unprepared (according to my friends in Atlanta), and […]

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  3. Observations

    Take a stand!

    It’s so easy to fall into certain work habits. Some can help us be very productive, while others merely turn into … well, bad habits. As a young account executive sitting at metallic desk in a not-so-semi-private cubicle, I aspired to one day have my own office, with a wooden desk and a fine leather […]

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  4. Agency Life

    Learning all we can — and must

    I suspect many other people in business face in the same dilemma I face nearly every workday. My inbox is filled with opportunities to participate in classes, seminars, conferences, webinars and more. Each of these is led by world-renowned experts, proven professionals in their field and industry-recognized leaders. Like me, you may find it very […]

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  5. Agency Life

    Who needs a TAAN?

    Think there’s a typo in that headline? Wrong. TAAN stands for Transworld Advertising Agency Network. TAAN is the oldest worldwide agency network and has member agencies in 47 markets around the world. From South Africa to St. Louis, members meet and share openly and willingly. Often they will partner on projects when the blend of […]

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  6. Agency Life

    Here’s to being a better blogger in 2010!

    So I am beginning to get it—this whole social media thing. I threatened to quit Facebook earlier this year…but didn’t. It’s still too intriguing to me. And yes, it is fun to connect with old friends and business associates…even some distant relatives have touched base. So here is my commitment to myself and my company […]

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  7. Agency Life

    Facing “The Book” in my 50s

    So it’s no secret — I’m well into my 50s. I learned the basics using pencils with portable erasers that were the size of small Volkswagens. Eventually I graduated to relying on secretaries who used carbon paper. These same secretarial resources also made my thoughtful presentations come to life using some low-cost overhead projections. Then […]

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