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Come see the holidays through the eyes of a child

Happy Holidays from all your friends at AB&C.

Happy Holidays from all your friends at AB&C.

The holidays are a time for sharing, and we wanted to reflect that sentiment through our holiday card.

AB&C paid a visit to a fifth-grade classroom at the East Side Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware. We spent a morning with the students and asked them to draw a picture of whatever the holiday season meant for them. The only catch was that they had to somehow incorporate the “+” from our logo. So with a gleam in their eyes and fresh markers and crayons in hand, the students got to work. We picked our six favorite works of art to adorn the covers of our holiday cards.

In the spirit of giving, our friends received one card from us to them and five additional cards to pass along to friends and family, all designed by the young artists. As a thank-you, we made a donation to the school’s art program to help continue fostering creative intelligence in children.

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