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Summer fun at the Delaware Children’s Museum


What are you waiting for? Get the kids buckled in and come on down.

The “kids” at AB&C want you to know about some fun events and exhibits at the Delaware Children’s Museum (DCM):

  • Are there any aspiring baseball players or Phillie Phanatics in your house? Now through August 31, the DCM will feature Playing with the Phillies, displaying all the Phillies artwork you can imagine.
  • With the ongoing Stratosphere exhibition, kids literally reach for new heights as they ascend into a 30-foot-diameter climbing structure that overlooks the lobby entrance. The sky’s the limit!
  • Put muscles to the test at the Power of Me exhibition. How long can you hang from a pull-up bar? How long does it take to send signals from your brain to your muscles? How does the human body work? At “Power of Me,” your child will not only build stronger muscles, but a stronger mind. 
  • In today’s technologically advanced world, children may have a hard time understanding not only the beauty of nature, but also how it assists our technology — especially in the city. That’s why the DCM has created the ongoing ECOnnect. Kids will explore water locks, wind power, solar energy and everything in between. Stepping inside our EcoHouse, kids will learn about clean, sustainable energy.
  • Some kids spend their allowance as soon as they get it. Others do extra chores and stash that money away. Whatever your kid does, Bank On It will teach him or her valuable, lifelong financial skills. As part of the exhibition, your child will maintain a budget, learn how to save and spend, and use our ATMs and pneumatic tubes (like the ones at a drive-through). Trust us, they’ll get plenty of bang for their bucks!
  • Does the phrase “constant motion” describe your little one? Take your toddler to Training Wheels, an exhibit that features a tiny train and miniature cars, as well as a padded boat.
  • Are your children creative thinkers? Take them to Delaware College Investment Plan Studio D, where he or she can combine creative expression and scientific exploration.
  • Are your kids making plans for a tree fort or jungle gym? Bring them to Structures, where they will learn about the building industry, blueprints and stability requirements.

What are you waiting for? Round up the kids and bring them on down for some summer fun. Learn more at