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New Hires

Jonathan Mathers Joins AB&C Philadelphia as Senior Art Director

Jonathan created an action figure of himself to land his first job in the industry.

Jonathan created an action figure of himself to land his first job in the industry.

Jonathan Mathers, Aloysius Butler & Clark’s newest senior art director, brings his passion for stellar creative to the agency’s Philadelphia office. During his 10 years in the advertising industry, he has worked on diverse campaigns including casino accounts and soft drinks. A graduate of the Philadelphia Art Institute, Jonathan holds a BA in graphic design, and has quickly endeared himself to the Philadelphia group thanks to his love of Philly sports teams (yes, even the Sixers).

Jonathan has way too much energy to contain in a standard press release, plus we jumped at the chance to talk sports with him. So we sat down for a brief Q&A.

Q. What attracted you to the advertising industry?

Jonathan: I get to be creative every single day. No day is the same. I get to focus my energy and time on creating things that make me proud. Plus they told me I didn’t have what it takes to be a model, and I couldn’t jump high enough to play in the NBA.

Q. Why AB&C?

Jonathan: One name: Steve Merino [our Philadelphia office’s managing director]. No doubt about it. The guy is smart as hell. When someone who truly knows your talent, effort and potential wants you to work for him, you jump at that opportunity. I’m excited to help grow the AB&C Philadelphia office. Great people, great atmosphere

Q. What’s popular in graphic design right now that you think needs to just go away?

Jonathan: Social media icons plastered on everything. You’ll see a really nice ad, and then it will get ruined by someone adding 14 social icons in the corner. It’s 2015 — of course you’re on social media. We’ll find you.

Q. What’s an example of a current campaign you think is really great?

Jonathan: Anything coming from the Philadelphia Eagles right now, because I can totally relate to them. I also really like the Budweiser “Friends Are Waiting” television ad, because it pulls at your heart. I won’t lie — I’m a big teddy bear. It gets me every time.

Q. You’re a huge Philly sports fan. Which Philly athlete, past or present, do you identify the most with and why?

Jonathan: Brian Dawkins, 100 percent. He put his heart and soul on the field every day, and became a legend. He wore his emotions on his sleeve. But most of all, he was real. He told it like it was. I really respect that.

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