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Aloysius Butler & Clark Receives 2016 Delaware Hispanic Award

2016-Delaware-Hispanic-Awards-whtAloysius Butler & Clark recently received the 2016 Delaware Hispanic Award, presented to the agency in recognition of its dedication to developing culturally and linguistically competent marketing communications campaigns, as well as the positive and notable impact AB&C’s work has made on the local Latino community. This prestigious award is presented annually by the Delaware Hispanic Awards and Delaware Hispano magazine.

The key driver for AB&C was the agency’s partnership with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services and Office of Highway Safety. Through several projects, AB&C’s behavior-change marketing team produced campaigns to encourage Delaware’s Latino population to sign up for health insurance, to quit smoking, to get screened for cancer and to wear seat belts. One of the agency’s core areas of expertise is creating customer education programs that inform, motivate and inspire positive behavior in diverse populations.

“We are honored to be recognized with this distinguished award and grateful for the opportunities we have to leverage our talents and knowledge in order to better the lives of the community around us,” said Paul Pomeroy, AB&C’s managing partner and director of marketing. “Beyond just sharing key messages with targeted Latino populations, we took care to establish the comfort level, credibility and authenticity that motivates action. We know some of the topics and lifestyle changes promoted in these campaigns aren’t always easy, so we made sure to pair the fast-paced information sharing of social media with more traditional communications.”

Working closely with the Delaware Hispanic Commission and local media outlets, AB&C made sure that its messaging and tactics resonated with the Latino population. Spanish-language tactics used to promote these messages included television, radio, online ads, Facebook ads and websites, as well as the development of brochures.

The Delaware Hispanic Awards is the leading awards ceremony for the Latino community in the state of Delaware. It recognizes individuals and organizations that are going the extra mile to serve Hispanic Delawareans. AB&C received the 2016 Delaware Hispanic Award on April 1, 2016, at a red-carpet event held at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.