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Welcoming Our 2023 Summer Interns!

This year, AB&C wanted to experiment with a concept truer to the agency experience by creating a new social media intern team in addition to our traditional interns. By collaborating hands-on in a true team setting, interns get a fresh and exciting portrayal of what agency life is really like. Each member brings their unique focus to the table, allowing the team to work independently from the rest of the agency. From analytical research and strategy to in-depth graphic design and copywriting, this team does it all— from start to finish.

Get to know the members of the social media intern team below.

Zach Minter (he/him)

  • Video Production Intern
  • Temple University
  • Philadelphia, PA

I will be finishing my undergraduate education next semester after studying abroad in Barcelona. I love to travel and experience new places, and I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in three programs through our communication school’s abroad office. I took two week-long courses in Puerto Rico and New Mexico. Additionally, I interned in New York City last summer. My dream job would be to direct music videos or work in the application of music in television, film or advertisements.

Kieran Hawkins (he/him)

  • Data Analytics Intern
  • University of Delaware
  • Wilmington, DE

I love the outdoors and technology. Some of my hobbies include hiking, weightlifting, computer building and making long playlists on Spotify. A fun fact about me is that I love cooking, and on any given day, I probably spend one or two hours in the kitchen. Once I graduate, I hope to work for a firm local to Wilmington, doing market research or client relations.

We’re very excited to create this cross-functional social media intern team. With backgrounds in marketing, content, design and analytics, this team processes a broad and comprehensive understanding of social media platforms and trends. We’re confident that the group’s diverse skill sets and backgrounds will bring a fresh perspective and innovative thinking to AB&C. We also wanted this group of students to get a sense for what it’s like to work in a true collaborative, team environment—much like they will when they enter the workforce on a full-time basis. We’re hoping this group of talented interns gets to learn from us as much as we get to benefit from their insights and enthusiasm.

Paul Pomeroy, Chief Executive Officer

Danny Ngo (he/him)

  • Media Strategy Intern
  • Temple University Alum
  • York County, PA

In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen (mainly Italian/Viet dishes), teaching myself how to sing and playing basketball. This is my second internship; the first one was at Philly Fashion Week (PFW). I enjoyed my time as a social media intern for PFW, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to intern at an advertising agency like AB&C.

A fun fact about me: My least favorite food is liver.

Celia Diloretto (she/her)

  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Bloomsburg University
  • Bloomsburg, PA

This is my first internship here at AB&C, and I’m eager to be able to sit in at the Bloomsburg office this summer. Along with my interest in creative media, I am part of BU women’s club soccer and coach youth soccer in my free time. I’m excited to see what opportunities interning at an agency might bring, and to learn anything and everything that I can! I might even explore a new city after graduation (not that I don’t LOVE Bloomsburg).

We’ve always had interns. But this year, we wanted to try something a little different and create a dedicated team that would work together to support our digital/social/video content. Between PA, NJ and DE schools, we have access to amazing local talent. We can’t wait to tap into their insights and experiences.

Steve Merino, Owner and Chief Creative Officer

Marissa Weinberg (she/her)

  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Temple University
  • Philadelphia, PA

As a member of the Temple Ad Club, I have learned a lot about agencies and am so excited to be interning at AB&C. I have a passion for women’s health and mental health, and would love to translate that passion into the world of advertising one day.

Two fun facts about me: I had a blog when I was 11, and I run an Instagram account for my cat.

Matthew McCabe (he/him)

  • Copywriting Intern
  • Temple University
  • Philadelphia, PA

I always try to incorporate great storytelling in my graphic work and hope to explore creative fictional writing in the near future. Outside of school, I love to bike, attend concerts, try new foods and care for my plant collection. I’m excited to experience the industry hands-on at AB&C, and I can’t wait to meet a lot of amazing people this summer.

While AB&C is eager to show off the new internship approach, the company is equally excited to announce traditional interns who have joined!

In a more traditional style, many new faces have integrated themselves into various departments, bringing their talent and personality to each project they touch. With backgrounds in graphic design, communications, public relations and film, they strengthen every facet of AB&C, with no stone left unturned.

Blake Turner (he/him)

  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Philadelphia, PA

Hello, everyone! I’m here at AB&C interning in Creative. Beyond design, some hobbies of mine include reading (all sorts of genres), playing guitar (all sorts of songs) and taking photos (all sorts of subjects). As a rising senior, I am beyond excited to be working with you all here, learning and experiencing what the “real world” is like. So far, so good!

Elizabeth Pichardo (she/her)

  • Copywriting Intern
  • Temple University
  • Philadelphia, PA

I am a senior at Temple University, and I will graduate with a bachelor’s in communications this year. I previously worked as a copywriting intern for Peace Day Philly and love to be creative in my free time. I love creative writing, film and digital photography.

Caroline Shelly (she/her)

  • Graphic Design Intern
  • James Madison University Alum
  • Philadelphia, PA

I am a Philadelphia native and an avid Philly sports fan. I’m excited to be a part of the AB&C family and am looking forward to a great summer!

Lacey Robinson (she/her)

  • Media Buyer Intern
  • Syracuse University Alum
  • Bryn Mawr, PA

Hi! In my free time, I love playing ultimate frisbee (yes, it is a sport), playing the guitar and watching Philly sports. I also enjoy spending time outside up in the Poconos! I am interested in leveraging both of my majors and combining my analytical and creative sides. I am looking forward to a great summer at AB&C and am excited to meet new people!

Cami O’Rourke (she/her)

  • Public Relations Intern
  • Penn State University
  • Philadelphia, PA

At school, I serve as the editor-in-chief of Penn State’s literary magazine, Kalliope, and I’m also a proud member of Pi Beta Phi. I have a love for fine arts, writing poetry and reading romance novels. Alternately, I also have an ultra-competitive side, which roots for all Philly and Penn State sports teams. I chose PR because I love to build connections with people and use my creativity in everyday life.

Fun fact: I was born on Valentine’s Day!

AB&C is thrilled to have such an amazing group of individuals joining the agency this summer. We hope to not only teach these up-and-coming professionals the ropes of the agency world, but also learn a thing or two from these brilliant minds in the upcoming weeks. With exciting new client work on the way, make sure to keep an eye out for their contributions this summer!