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Ahlora Thomas-Lyons

Ahlora Thomas-Lyons

Special Events and Grassroots Engagement Supervisor

The Professional

  • Graduated from Temple University with a BA in broadcast journalism.

  • More than 10 years of experience in corporate marketing and event planning.

  • Extremely passionate about the creative process.

  • Strives to cultivate meaningful connections with internal and external audiences.

  • Believes you can solve any problem with the right mindset!

The Personal

  • Her real name is Mom, but you can call her Ahlora.

  • Complete media junkie who loves current events, pop culture, films, podcasts, etc.

  • An R&B enthusiast and loves live music.

  • Can’t resist an invite to brunch or a spa day!

  • Loves to be in front of the camera but is also trained in video production. Once dreamed of being a documentary journalist.