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Dawn Mills

Dawn Mills

Associate Director of PR & Social Media

The Professional

  • Could have gone anywhere; chose Temple.

  • 20 years of PR/advertising client services and writing experience.

  • Has at least one “Benny Award” in the creative portfolio.

  • Possesses a formidable combination of creative heart and strategic mind.

  • Career claim to fame: putting words in the mouth of LeSean McCoy.

The Personal

  • Single item on the bucket list: an Ami James original tattoo at Wooster Street.

  • Largely invested in two red-eared sliders, Piggly and Wiggly.

  • Learned at an early age how to get sheep out of a swimming pool.

  • “Sports crazy” for UGA Football and all things tennis.

  • Spends ample free time searching for “adult shoes” to fit her size 2 feet.

  • Ideal leisure time: walks with her husband on the beaches of Hilton Head and streets of Savannah.