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Jean Hitchcock

Jean Hitchcock

Senior Healthcare Advisor

The Professional

  • Graduate of Hunter College, with a BA in both political science and sociology; Western Michigan University, with a master’s in public administration; and the University of Michigan HC Executive Leadership Program.

  • 30-plus years in healthcare marketing, communications, physician relations, creative services and digital—on the provider and consulting sides.

  • Proven in driving volumes, creating strong brand management programs and organizing teams to achieve goals.

  • Served on SHSMD, MASHMD and PRSA of Western Michigan boards.

The Personal

  • Only drinks Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

  • Fluent in hospital jargon and physicianese.

  • LinkedIn before there was a LinkedIn.

  • Loves Pilates, kayaking and crossword puzzles.

  • Can never travel too much!