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Shannon Wall

Shannon Wall

Project Manager, Mangos

The Professional

  • 10-plus years in creative project management, including more than five in the Philadelphia sports and entertainment industry.

  • A problem solver who walks the line between creative and analytical thinker.

  • Earnest about making clients happy, while her graphic design background helps her work well with creatives.

  • Committed to asking the right questions and celebrating milestones.

The Personal

  • Art and photography are her first loves.

  • Huge Tar Heel fan. The sky is Carolina Blue, isn’t it?

  • Brainteasers are her jam! Can’t resist a good cube puzzle, room escape, whodunit or cryptogram. She’s that person solving puzzles at the bookstore.

  • Addicted to zombie and apocalyptic movies. Prefers subtitles over dubs.

  • Good food makes her giddy. Bacon makes it better.

  • Current obsessions: kickboxing, ginger beer and Grogu.