The Story  

Fred and Barney. Bert and Ernie. Laverne and Shirley. All of these people are a perfect match and better together. At AB&C, we had the opportunity to announce the partnership of Abington Health and Jefferson University Hospital, and to tell their consumers how these two are … Better. Together.

The Strategy  

This merger of a major academic medical center and an excellent community health system brings together the best of both worlds to provide optimal care for patients in suburban Philadelphia. When presented with this challenge, AB&C had the opportunity to bring together compelling creative; an aggressive internal campaign that featured elevator wraps and floor clings throughout the Abington campus; and a comprehensive consumer campaign that balanced print, digital, out-of-home and transit ads to build an outstanding campaign.

The Success  

Recognizing the various audiences for this campaign, we used multiple executions that featured straight text, illustrations and people. The flexibility allowed the campaign to target the right audience with the right message to increase awareness. After the campaign ran, we saw a 10 percent increase in awareness of the merger and a 20 percent increase in the positive perception of Abington Health.

Work sample 01
Out-of-home advertisements
Pre-roll announcement video
Work sample 02
Expanded banner ad
Work sample 03
Hospital elevator wraps