The Story  

Located just off I-95 between two major East Coast cities, Cecil County, Maryland, is ground zero for the nation’s opioid epidemic. But unlike many other communities struggling to even recognize the problem, Cecil County was taking aggressive actions to help curb opioid addiction, with new laws, new prescription drop boxes, and more treatment and recovery facilities than ever before. This community needed to know that if you were fighting addiction, the County was in your corner.

The Strategy  

Unlike other prevention campaigns that have taken a tougher tone, AB&C created a campaign that was all about hope. We wanted people to know that no matter where they were in the recovery process, there were people and resources to help you “Rewrite your script.” With grassroots outreach, community-based PR and strategically placed advertising, we drove residents to a newly designed microsite that connected current addicts and people in recovery to dozens of state and local resources.

The Success  

The impact of this campaign was immediate. Prescription drop-offs at drop-box locations spiked. Police departments, community groups and EMTs flooded the Narcan® hotline looking for training. Equally important was the fact that prevention, treatment and recovery centers featured on the site saw an immediate boost in traffic and calls. Soon, more and more facilities wanted to be featured on the site, and AB&C is currently working with Cecil County to add real-time functionality so that people can find treatment facilities with open beds.

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