The Story  

Delaware Technical Community College was in the unique position of being Delaware’s only community college. And while AB&C’s previous campaigns helped to raise brand awareness, there was still a need to shake the public’s perception that Del Tech was “just a vo-tech school.”

The Strategy  

It’s about more than just making students. It’s about what Del Tech students can go on to create. They’re the nurses who heal, the agriculturalists who feed, the technicians who keep us connected. Together, they are the force that pushes Delaware forward. So we rolled out a rallying cry campaign—print and billboard, anchored by a flagship TV spot, offering aspiring professionals a chance to make a difference—to join up and be part of something bigger.

The Success  

Is the work impactive? No question. While it’s still too early to tell how far-reaching the results are, the Del Tech Makes Delaware campaign has already brought home 11 industry awards, including six golds and a best in show.

:30 television spot.
Transit ads.
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Newspaper ads.