The Story  

Delaware Technical Community College (DelTech) is one of the largest open-admission institutions in America. Each year, tens of thousands of Delawareans take advantage of DelTech’s associate degree and certificate programs. But after 50 years, the brand was stale. The school hadn’t caught up to the growing interest in community colleges. And with local universities offering discounted degree programs, newfound competition was nipping at their heels.

The Strategy  

DelTech needed a different kind of brand, one that targeted a different kind of student, in different ways. We wanted people to understand that at DelTech you didn’t just learn. You learned a living. And this was more than higher ed. It was hire ed. Ultimately, when you graduated from DelTech, you had a leg up on other graduates, with very little debt. It was clear that DelTech was “A Degree Different.” Our goal was to showcase all the ways DelTech offers a different kind of education: hands-on learning, real-world experiences and professors with real-life backgrounds—all preparing graduates for success. We created two TV commercials targeting traditional and nontraditional students, along with awareness-generating outdoor, guerrilla and online marketing, promoted during key enrollment windows.

The Success  

The campaign is still in its early stages, but the results are already noticeable. Applications are up. Open house attendance is up. And hard-to-fill classes are competitive once again. Traffic to the site and awareness levels of the school are also up significantly compared to pre-campaign-launch levels. Equally important, the students and faculty have embraced the campaign. #ADegreeDifferent has become a rallying cry on everything from social media to student group flyers. Even clothing purchases at the student store are up, showing that even after 50 years, a sleepy brand can become relevant once again.

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