The Story  

The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) helps Delaware residents, businesses and nonprofits reduce their energy consumption and save on utility bills through energy audits, tips, upgrades, rebates, loans and more. But its website,, was a navigational nightmare—not only for people searching for ways to save, but also for residential and commercial contractors wanting to participate in Energize Delaware programs. So DESEU asked AB&C to take charge.

The Strategy  

Simplification was our solution. Cleaner site architecture and fewer pages would make it easier for visitors to quickly find the programs tailored to their needs—and for contractors to find which Energize Delaware programs would match their expertise and bring them business. We also recommended a multichannel rebranding campaign, combining traditional, digital and social media to drive audiences to the all-new website. Print and electronic banners ads, outdoor and transit boards, radio spots, and online testimonial videos launched simultaneously.

The Success  

Though the campaign has just begun, the difference between the old and new website is night and day. Engagements and page visits are up dramatically. Customers can quickly choose the right programs and certified contractors to do the work, and can see their expected savings and rebates calculated in advance. Contractors are also joining the program faster than before. The client is also raving about the new Energize Delaware brand: “It’s simple, modern and awesome. We’re getting positive feedback from consumers and contractors alike.”

Work sample 01
Brand guidelines.
Transit ads.
Overarching brand video.
Work sample 03
New website at
Work sample 05
Newspaper ads.