The Story  

In this digital age, every click counts. And Mitsubishi Fuso counted on AB&C to increase the number of visitors to its website by championing its “lower cost of ownership” market position. But aside from purchase price, there are so many other factors that contribute to FUSO trucks’ lower operating costs—fuel economy, payload capacity, service intervals and length of warranty—that it can get complicated.

The Strategy  

So we developed a simple mathematic formula for all creative that clearly communicated FUSO’s cost-of-ownership “plusses” over competitive trucks. QR codes in print ads directed smartphones to to find its online Cost-of-Ownership Calculator.

The Success  

The calculator accurately compared FUSO’s operating costs to those of Isuzu, its largest competitor, and revealed the savings. Corresponding banner ads on vocational e-publication websites, retargeting display ads and Google keyword searches did the same.

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