The Story  

Newark Natural Foods (NNF) is an organic co-op that is so crunchy, they make Whole Foods look like Wal-Mart. NNF had a cult-like following, a great mission and some of the most good-hearted employees you could ever find. But they were about to move into a new retail space that was 10 times larger than their old store. And all that goodwill wouldn’t matter if they couldn’t reengage the community, get the word out and connect to a whole new group of customers.

The Strategy  

Good branding is about finding the right balance. After interviewing their customers and employees, we discovered that in addition to being responsible and eco-conscious, NNF was also fun. So we created a brand personality and identity that reflected both sides. A brand true to their mission, but also bright and punchy, with a strong retail push. Through a series of posters, ads and shopping bags, as well as employee branding, we could articulate the company’s mission in a way that was also inviting to new customers. AB&C even worked with architects to incorporate the new brand into the new store design.

The Success  

“People are stealing our posters.” The new brand was so well-received, employees and die-hard customers began taking the posters off the walls to take home. The new shopping bags sold out, and we had to create multiple versions, because they were in such demand. The new store garnered several local PR hits, and co-op membership is way up, helping to support the massive new store. Eventually, AB&C helped NNF launch a new in-store dining environment.

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