The Story  

You’d think that most motorcycle crashes happen to young, inexperienced riders. And you would be wrong. Research shows that most crashes have involved middle-aged men who were returning to riding after a long hiatus. So, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety asked AB&C to develop a two-year campaign that encouraged this group of riders to sharpen their skills by taking a rider-safety course.

The Strategy  

AB&C developed a three-pronged approach. First, we built—a new mobile-friendly website offering riding tips, gear advice, local motorcycle routes and links to safety courses. Second, we created in-dealership pull-up banners and brochures that directed riders to visit our website if their skills were a little rusty. Finally, we drove traffic to course sign-ups using banner ads, promoted posts on Facebook and Google, and Bing text ads.

The Success  

Rider reaction was immediate. The paid media portion of the campaign garnered over 11 million impressions and generated over 51,000 sessions at the website. There were 7,874 engagements with users either taking a preparedness quiz, watching videos or clicking out to the Delaware DMV to sign-up for the safety course. And the promoted content resulted in over 8,600 social engagements on Facebook. The campaign was total success considering there were only 28,888 registered motorcyclists in the state of Delaware.

Work sample 01
Mobile-friendly website
Work sample 02
In-dealership brochure
Work sample 03
Out-of-home advertising
Work sample 04
Corporate outreach materials
Animated banner ad


Million+ Impressions


Site Sessions


Site Engagements


Social Engagements