The Story  

Rochester Regional Health (RRH) was facing increased regional competition for providers, as well as shortages and turnover among staff. Additionally, the recruitment marketing campaign was too focused on selling the city of Rochester as a location and did little to promote the many advantages, resources and growth opportunities RRH actually offered potential providers, especially millennials.

The Strategy  

AB&C conducted brand research and interviews with key stakeholders, staff and leadership. Our efforts revealed that RRH's culture was truly physician-friendly. It encouraged practice autonomy and was focused on continual quality improvement by providing the tools, technologies and training that empowered physicians to advance their skills and careers. We leveraged that position and messaging to show potential candidates "what's in it for them."

The Success  

Our new "You" campaign speaks to the heart of what young physicians want to hear-that they are the future of medicine, and Rochester would help them deliver patient-focused care, their way. Provocative headlines, short copy, clean design and millennial-centric imagery captured the personality of Rochester's unique employment culture. Leadership and recruitment teams sparked to it immediately. Print advertising in publications like the New England Journal of Medicine and select physician publications helped elevate the brand perception, while complementary emails and banner ads drive candidates to newly designed specialty-specific landing pages at

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