The Story  

St. Joseph's Healthcare System (SJHS) has been healing the people of northern New Jersey for 150 years. But it was being overshadowed by dominant healthcare players in its market, and the look and feel of its brand had not evolved. Even its logo and tag line-New Jersey's Premier Catholic Health Care System-didn't reflect a diverse and vibrant community. SJHS asked us for a new brand campaign that focused more on wellness than on just treating people when they're ill, but was still rooted in its Catholic ethos and values.

The Strategy  

Our research showed that continuing an explicit Catholic focus would backfire and harm the brand. But if we leveraged SJHS's positive principles (good doctors, nurses and staff; friendly, compassionate and quality care) along with its commitment to people, we could communicate a momentum shift, ultimately leading to the "new" St. Joseph's. So we developed an unexpected creative approach-and a new tag line: "It's what's inside of us"-to drive the new branding and messaging forward.

The Success  

Our commitment-to-people position was seen as "more or much more positive" by the majority of people who first saw the campaign at launch. The new logo also modernized their perceptions. Post-advertising scores confirm an immediate uplift in SJHS brand attributes, particularly in the areas of technology and sensitive, compassionate care.

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