The Story  

Wyeth. Lilly. McNeil. They’re some of the most prominent leaders in pharmacy and medicine—and all University of the Sciences graduates. With an impressive Alumni roster, a 200-year history of success and a campus nestled in the heart of the healthcare capital of America, USciences had a great story to tell. But after going through several name changes and rebrands within the past 10 years, awareness levels were low, and the number of quality applications were down significantly. The University needed a brand refresh, one that would reposition the school as a national leader in science and healthcare.

The Strategy  

If there’s one thing students with an aptitude for science care about, it’s results. AB&C created an outcome-based campaign that highlighted the successes of current and future graduates. We figured out the right brand formula. By giving students hands-on experiences in real-world labs, USciences positions their students for success after graduation. This fact was proven by the numbers. USciences alumni are some of the most highly paid graduates in the country. With this new results-driven strategy, students and parents could see the value of a USciences education. With a sophisticated new brand look and feel rooted in the new position that USciences students are “Proven Everywhere,” AB&C was able to roll out the new brand in a multimedia campaign right before the competitive college application process.

The Success  

If there’s one thing AB&C cares about, it’s also results. After launching the campaign, awareness and recall levels spiked. Students on campus immediately gravitated toward the Proven Everywhere campaign. The #ProvenEverywhere hashtag took off on social media, popping up on everything from Facebook posts of kids holding acceptance letters to Instagram videos of students celebrating basketball wins. The number of quality applications increased by double digit percentages. Six months after launch, the Department of Education released its new rankings and USciences was in the top 10 in the country for salary after graduation—a new stat that wove perfectly into the next round of our Proven Everywhere campaign.

Introductory brand TV spot
Work sample 01
Outdoor boards blanketed the city
Work sample 03
Phase-two billboards
Student vignette video
Work sample 04
Self-mailing mini viewbook
Work sample 05
Posters sent newly accepted students
Student vignette video
Work sample 06
Students encouraged to share acceptance on social
Work sample 07
Branded website featuring student testimonials


increase in
quality applications


increase in
brand recall


reduction in
tuition reimbursement


in the country
for graduate salary