The Story  

WSFS Bank is one of the oldest banks headquartered in the Delaware Valley. But they were about to become one of the first and only banks in the country with a mobile app that allows customers to make ATM withdrawals using only their cell phone. The technology was cool, but WSFS needed to target the right customers, explain how to use it and work around the fact that WSFS Bank still had a non-mobile-friendly website. 

The Strategy  

After analyzing the marketplace and potential users, AB&C targeted early adopters with a campaign worthy enough for them to share to the larger masses. We named the product Cardless ATMs and set out to create promotional materials to build excitement. All messages would drive to a mobile-friendly microsite, where a video tutorial helped explain how Cardless ATMs worked—and also served as our pre-roll video for our heavy digital media buy. 

The Success  

Traditional media tactics and PR efforts helped build excitement within our target audience, while our digital buy focusing on pre-roll banners, digital radio and social promotions offered something for our targets to share. The new Mobile Cash feature was an instant success, with adoption levels among WSFS Bank customers exceeding client expectations.

Work sample 01
Mobile banking introductory
Mobile banking introductory video
Work sample 02
Instructional microsite at
In-store video boards
Work sample 03
In-store announcement