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Posts by Kathy Dunn

  1. Observations

    An Up to the Hill Battle

    The week of May 10th was not a good one for Pathway Genomics. That’s when the FDA sent a letter saying it was looking into Pathway’s genetic test offering. And it’s not the only interested party. According to Genome Web, the House Energy and Commerce Committee wants more information about Pathway’s test,  and about similar […]

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  2. Observations

    On again, off again

    The strange story of drug store–based genetic tests. It was a quick trip on and off the shelves at several thousand Walgreens drug stores for Pathway Genomics direct-to-consumer genetic testing kit. Less than 48 hours after announcing the availability of the test kits, Walgreens pulled back due to an intervention by the Food and Drug […]

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  3. Healthcare

    Complaints foster compliance

    If your communications department has been enlisted to shore up compliance with hand hygiene requirements (pre- and post-patient contact), take a lesson from Denver Health. As reported in the February 2009 issue of the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, Colorado’s primary “safety net” institution tried humor, incentives, prizes — but nothing worked until they got […]

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  4. Observations

    Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part III

    Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon Part III. Origami marketing – folding the messages It is not critical to understand how all of these scientific disciplines function. However, it is necessary to know where the hinges are — those areas of convergence that connect you with the disciplines that will further the efforts of all. […]

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  5. Observations

    Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part II

    Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon. Part II. From quantum leap to fold change. Diagnostic and genomic tests are now being applied to pharmaceutical decisions. Today, the use of genomic data can optimize the ability to identify discrete subpopulations in clinical trials, leading to the development of highly targeted drug therapies, such as Her-2/Neu measurements […]

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  6. Observations

    Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part I

    Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon Part 1. A head-on collision. Over the last several years, marketing the Life Sciences has meant different things to different people, encompassing pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, medical devices, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, to name the major players. Ironically, as the disciplines named above have become more defined, […]

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