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Posts by Linda Miniscalco

  1. The word is out: Diversity is in.

    To steal a line from one of the best songs ever written, it’s been a long time coming — but a change has finally come to advertising. While the country generally has grown more socially liberal, advertising has lagged behind. According to a recent Ad Age article, advertising has proved to be the last frontier […]

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  2. Observations

    Branding Strong

    I’m writing this blog post on Monday, April 21 — Boston Marathon Monday. Last year, the marathon was held on my birthday. As a runner who couldn’t be there, I took that as a kind of consolation prize. But that particular birthday — April 15, 2013 — will be etched in my heart and mind […]

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  3. Research

    What can 140 characters do for you?

    It’s no wonder that broadcasters and some advertisers see Twitter as the ideal promotional partner. The Media Audit reports that nearly 15% of consumers who watch TV during prime time on a typical day have also used Twitter in the past 30 days. That’s an increase of more than 60% compared to 9.2% just two […]

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  4. Observations

    Smile! You could be on camera!

    To anyone who’s faced with a cable bill in excess of $200 every month, news that Intel is planning on “blowing up the cable industry” with its own set-top box and unbundled cable service is big stuff. Instead of paying a fortune for 500 channels you rarely watch, Intel says they’ll allow you to subscribe […]

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  5. Research

    Talkin’ ’bout my generation

      According to a recent report from NielsenWire, advertisers focus on reaching consumers 18–34 or 18–49. While these consumers spend billions of dollars every year, the report states that advertisers and consumer goods manufacturers are overlooking a group that has tremendous buying power — the 78 million Baby Boomers. Born between the years 1946 and […]

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  6. Research

    Radio and Browsing – Perfect Together

    Good news for our clients who utilize radio. A new RAB survey shows that radio advertising grows online brand browsing by 52%. Twenty-three brand campaigns were measured in the research. Not only were 52% of respondents more likely to include that brand name in their browsing, but 58% of all browsing stimulated by radio took […]

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  7. Research

    Attention, newspaper haters!

    There’s going to be an ad revenue recovery for the beleaguered industry, and it’s coming soon. Yes, the decline is about to end, according to a new forecast that projects print ad revenue will actually rebound 2.4% next year. Beyond 2010, ad research firm Borrell Associates forecasts that by 2014 newspaper income will be up […]

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  8. Research

    Stay competitive. Advertise!

    Almost half of the adults in the United States think that if you’re not advertising, you must be in trouble. And most think that if you are advertising, you’re competitive and committed. That’s according to a new Ad-ology Research study, “Advertising’s Impact in a Soft Economy.” Also: 40% of consumers use coupons more now than […]

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  9. Observations

    Coming soon to your flat-screen TV…

    Ads specifically geared to your household! Yes, cable companies are finally going to be able to do what the direct mail business has been doing since the beginning of time. The New York Times reported that Cablevision Systems is planning to announce the largest project yet using targeted advertising on television. Cablevision will use targeting […]

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