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  1. Destinations

    Is The Cautious Traveler a New Market Segment?

    A couple months ago, I went to Phoenix on a business trip. While there, I went to several restaurants. At many of them, it seemed as if the pandemic didn’t exist. People were welcome without masks, often without the familiar request to wear a mask until you get to your table. Yet, in one restaurant […]

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  2. Destinations

    Yes, you’re in competition. With the couch.

    Think of a food court on the ground floor of a commercial building. At lunchtime, all the people who work in the offices upstairs are going to want to have lunch somewhere. And if you’re one of the businesses in the food court, you probably spend your nights dreaming of ways to outdo your neighbors […]

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  3. Destinations

    Is a good photo the only way to sell an attraction?

    When you market attractions, it’s natural to want to show that attraction in advertising. The curator spent hours getting that exhibit together. Your boss spent millions on that new ride. Everyone loves that vista. It feels almost unfair not to show these things. But especially this year, relying on photography may be a challenge. Chances […]

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