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Marketing for non-profits

Marketing for non-profits

I know, I know, I know…everybody’s got something to worry about or stress over with the economy plummeting down the tubes of Americans’ own greed and poor planning. It only makes sense that companies are looking to their marketing departments to start cutting corners wherever possible.

However, in our beloved advertising industry, we cannot let that stand in the way of our creative teams continuously expressing their imaginations and keeping their ideas fresh. In scouring the AAAA SmartBrief that many of us receive on a daily basis, I stumbled upon an article that suggests ad agencies look to noble causes or non-profits to allow their creative teams to stay on top of their game.

Check out the article here.

The idea of working with non-profits is not a new one for AB&C, as you can see by looking through our work, but maybe we can all take it a step further.

Rob Walker, the writer of the article, suggests starting a campaign against drinking bottled water and opting for tap water. In doing so, try some sort of crazy and off-the-wall creative that none of our clients would think to go with. In the next new business pitch, do you think any of our competitors will be able to say they played a part in saving the planet? I doubt it.

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