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  1. Observations

    Branding Comes Naturally

    If you scour our website and blog, you’ll see the words “brand” and “branding” popping up all over the place. It’s at the very core of what we do, so naturally we like to talk about it. What makes our jobs more fun is when our clients adopt that same love and appreciation for branding […]

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  2. Observations

    Let’s All Stop Tiptoeing around the “B” Word.

    Budgets. There, I said it. I’ve never been a fan of surprises. There’s a silly little dance that takes place in most client-agency relationships around the subject of budgets. I call it the budget tango. Clients want to know what the plan is for the year and how much it’s going to cost. Agencies want […]

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  3. Observations

    NBA adds ads to courts

    Starting with the 2014 NBA season, teams will be allowed to sell advertising space on their home courts and backboards. No values have been set yet, but, according to Business Insider, the NBA believes this could be a $100+ million income-generator. Just think, the next time Kobe’s sitting on the bench with a towel over […]

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  4. Financial Services

    What to do with branches?

    As more and more people do their banking technologically rather than in person, banks will need to adjust their branch strategy. They will need to morph into more consultative centers for personal and small business customers – with a human touch. Personal and business banking is more complicated these days. Banks that can adjust to […]

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  5. Observations

    Game changer

    Everyone wants to reach the top. Mountain climbers have always set their sights on conquering Mt. Everest. Baseball players have always aimed for the World Series. Big companies have always budgeted to advertise during the Super Bowl. Until now. Pepsi is ending its 23-year run as an advertising staple during the most watched television event […]

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  6. Observations

    Change in tune?

    We’ve all seen the Geico commercials with people being stalked by the little stack of money with eyes, reminding them of the money they could have saved by switching to Geico. Have you noticed a certain change in the reception that “Kash” has received from the person being followed? I have and, frankly, I’m not […]

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  7. Observations

    What sells?

    Sex. Duh. And it was proven yet again with the latest ad from the fast food chain Hardee’s. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out. It features Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi…umm…enjoying one of Hardee’s new hamburgers. I’m sure this phenomenon is not news to any of you. If it […]

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  8. Agency Life

    Keeping Fresh

    I know, I know, I know…everybody’s got something to worry about or stress over with the economy plummeting down the tubes of Americans’ own greed and poor planning. It only makes sense that companies are looking to their marketing departments to start cutting corners wherever possible. However, in our beloved advertising industry, we cannot let […]

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