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10 marketing tactics to cut right now.

Are you spreading your marketing dollars too thin?

Are you spreading your marketing dollars too thin?

Each year it seems that marketing budgets get smaller. But your boss wants a higher return on everything you do, right? You have to be careful with your budget — and show how your marketing dollars lead directly to an increase in company revenue.

As a marketer, you may feel overwhelmed staying on top of all the new tricks of the trade and figuring out if they’re even relevant for your business. What should you be investing in? Print (do people even still do that)? PPC? Newsletters, blogs, websites, tradeshows/conferences, mobile apps, email campaigns, billboards? The list goes on and on.

Could you be doing too much marketing? Maybe you think there is no such thing. But could there be? Or could you possibly be spreading your marketing budget too thin? Have you kept up certain marketing tactics because you feel like you just have to?

Obviously a website is important — and sometimes a website redesign is necessary. But before you scrap the whole thing and start over, test small portions of your site and see what works best. Then let that help you determine what aspects to focus on if a redesign is still deemed necessary. The point is, if you spread yourself and your resources too thin, trying to focus on too many aspects of your marketing, you may not be doing any of them well. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, there are likely some tactics you should pull back on. We created a handy little guide to help.

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