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  1. Strategy

    How to Make a Strong Marketing Plan for 2016

    I’m here to say, it’s 2016 and marketing has changed. A lot. Marketing is no longer centered around your product, but your customer. Now’s a good time to update your marketing plan (you have a marketing plan, right?). Make it your road map for this year’s marketing initiatives. Use it to set goals that you […]

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  2. Strategy

    Marketers Need to be Good Writers

    I’m no writer. Which might become evident as you make your way through this. When I was in college, nobody told me how important writing would be once I landed a marketing job. Maybe they didn’t think it was important because of how fast everything in marketing and advertising changes. But I’ve come to accept […]

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  3. Observations

    Why is Inbound Marketing so Important?

    Whether you have separate teams dedicated to marketing and new business development, or you have one person responsible for both, you need to start an inbound marketing program. What makes inbound so important? Let’s start with something everyone (especially our b2b clients) realizes: The buyer’s journey has changed. There’s now this Zero Moment of Truth—the moment […]

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  4. Strategy

    How B2B Marketers Can Create a Blog that Drives Leads

    If you’re a B2B company and aren’t blogging on the reg yet, what in the world are you waiting for? While your competitors are blogging to generate new leads, you’re going to become a victim of falling behind. But I get it – you’re busy – and in charge of everything from strategic planning, running […]

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  5. Strategy

    How Emails Can Ruin Your Chance to Get Leads

    Earlier this week I received the following email, and because of their confidentiality notice I’m just going to paste the copy: Subject: Additional Sales Leads Hi, Are you currently in need of help in generating leads or appointments for your business? We can help you through our Multichannel Marketing Solutions. I’d be happy to talk […]

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  6. Strategy

    What is Inbound and Why Do You Need It?

    Inbound or content marketing is nothing new. As marketers, we’ve been creating content — e-books, white papers, webinars, infographics, blogs — for years. What’s new is using inbound to build business. Here’s how: We create content that potential buyers want and need, optimize the website, build trust with the prospect through personalized lead nurturing, and […]

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  7. Observations

    Your Path Forward Can’t be a Rut!

    I finally hit my one-year anniversary at AB&C — and every day I still wake up as excited as I was on my first day of work here. I know, sounds totally cheesy — but whatever. I refuse to get into a rut. Because once things get stagnant, I quit pushing myself to become better. […]

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  8. Strategy

    Forget the resolutions. Here are some useful tips.

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve already plunged headfirst into planning for 2015. But with the marketing industry in a constant state of change, you have to hustle to keep up with the latest ways to reach your customers. What will your most effective marketing efforts look like in the New Year? I’m glad you […]

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  9. Social Media

    Cycling toward a healthier lifestyle.

    When the Department of Public Health asked us to promote — a resource to help Delawareans learn about cancer prevention, screening and treatment programs — we knew social media would play a key role. We partnered social media with paid media to run promoted posts and kick-start engagement. To capture the spirit of a […]

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  10. Agency Life

    Why conferences are still a good marketing tactic.

    Conferences come in all forms and sizes. They can be cheap or expensive, close or far away, worthwhile or totally pointless. As a marketer, should you still attend? AB&C exhibits at seven or eight conferences a year — this doesn’t include the ones we attend to simply gain insight and industry knowledge for our respective […]

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  11. Research

    Millennials make perfect marketers

    I spent all of last week in Boston at Inbound 2014. The conference was full of ridiculously smart speakers — Martha Stewart, Malcolm Gladwell and Simon Sinek were all wonderful keynotes. It was impossible to leave a session without being fired up. But I don’t want to go on about how awesome every session was […]

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  12. Strategy

    10 marketing tactics to cut right now.

    Each year it seems that marketing budgets get smaller. But your boss wants a higher return on everything you do, right? You have to be careful with your budget — and show how your marketing dollars lead directly to an increase in company revenue. As a marketer, you may feel overwhelmed staying on top of […]

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  13. Strategy

    Philly businesses take notice of AB&C

    How does an ad agency not become the shoemaker’s child? By doing its own advertising and marketing. As a 43-year-old agency that expanded into the city of Philadelphia — known for cheesesteaks, relentless sports fans and a statue of Rocky at the steps of the Art Museum — AB&C wanted to be noticed. And kick-ass print ads […]

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  14. Strategy

    Strategic marketing: to plan or not to plan?

    I’m a gym rat. I love lifting weights, yoga, you name it. The days when I leave feeling less than exhausted, I realize it’s because I didn’t have a plan walking into the gym. So I always try to enter the gym with a specific goal — is it a cardio day or a weight […]

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