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Telemedicine Is Here to Stay

It’s in the news every day. This pandemic is crippling some hospitals’ resources, while others are ready and waiting. But all hospitals have stopped elective procedures and are experiencing that impact on their revenue. Some have even been forced to furlough employees and staff. But what can we as marketers do to help?

Many of those we’ve talked to are looking for opportunities to help generate revenue, and one of those answers could be right in front of you. Telemedicine is a safe and effective way for patients to see physicians and therapists. Some organizations are just getting these efforts started, while others are expanding theirs to include specialty services. No matter how you look at it, telemedicine allows patients to see their doctors to manage chronic conditions as well as treat some acute illnesses. It will also help ensure that those elective surgeries are in the pipeline when the time is right.

Primary care, orthopedics, cardiology, OB-GYN, dermatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and physical therapy are just some of the specialties successfully utilizing telemedicine. It’s being introduced to individuals across all age groups, giving patients access to a new delivery-of-care model. As patients become accustomed to this style of care out of necessity, telemedicine could prove to be a valuable investment of time, energy and resources that has the potential to generate revenue now and long into the future.

And through the added support of an aggressive digital marketing campaign, consumers will realize that they don’t have to put their health on hold. Since we don’t know how long this crisis will last, telemedicine will also allow patients to continue to “tele-see” their physicians to manage their disease/condition, and it allows physician practices to maintain/expand their patient load. To make this successful, marketers need to promote the services online with paid digital media and support from their social media channels. Right now, people have more time than ever for doctor appointments… in their living rooms.

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