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Financial Services

  1. Coley duPont
    Coley duPont

    How’s your elevator speech?

      You get on an elevator, and the chirpy woman with the same show badge asks, “So, what do you do?”   Concentrating on nothing in particular on the way down to the convention hall was the game plan, but you answer, “I’m president of a bank.” “Wow,” Chirpy says. “What bank? That one they […]

  2. Coley duPont
    Coley duPont

    Is it possible to be all things to all people?

    Generally no. But exceptional customer service can get you pretty close. Baby boomers have the cash and need wealth management advice; families need homes or car loans and college tuition money; Gen X and the Millennials want…well, who really knows, but they own the future. You want them all, right? If your teller lines at […]

  3. Coley duPont
    Coley duPont

    Does being on the bleeding edge of technology matter?

    Techno-changes in banking are coming at the industry with breathtaking speed. Just when you think you know what you should invest in to gear up for one trend, it is leapfrogged by another. As soon as you got done optimizing your website for online banking, mobile came along and required another round of investment and […]

  4. Craig Brown
    Craig Brown

    What to do with branches?

    As more and more people do their banking technologically rather than in person, banks will need to adjust their branch strategy. They will need to morph into more consultative centers for personal and small business customers – with a human touch. Personal and business banking is more complicated these days. Banks that can adjust to […]

  5. Maria Mongelli
    Maria Mongelli

    AB&C on TLC

    A recent episode of TLC’s The Cake Boss (“Bi-Plane, Bridezilla & Busting Buddy”) featured our client, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. The reality show follows Buddy Valastro, the master baker of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, NJ, as he and his team create amazing cakes and pastries. During this episode, Buddy created a completely […]

  6. Joe Dawson
    Joe Dawson

    Investing: Should I “talk to Chuck” or just go with the kid?

    During the month of March, most of America’s sports-minded souls have found themselves “on the road to The Final Four.” I heard that CBS-TV broadcast 96 hours of college basketball action in one weekend alone. And, if you’re part of an NCAA office pool, you’ve probably spent a lot of those 96 hours glued to […]