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D’Andrea Bidgood

D’Andrea Bidgood

Senior Account Supervisor, Behavior Change

The Professional

  • Interned with a record label in college.

  • Began career in public affairs and community affairs before transitioning to marketing and advertising agencies.

  • First job was in community affairs for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Hawks Foundation.

  • Worked with clients in various industries, including automotive, federal government, behavior change, cause marketing, consumer packaged goods and quick-service restaurants.

The Personal

  • Adores and spoils her “dogter” and pampered Pomeranian pooch, Brandi.

  • Seafood lover; hopes to become a pescetarian one day.

  • Loves to entertain family and friends, especially during the holidays.

  • Makes an amazing homemade peach cobbler.

  • Originally from New Jersey but also lived in Los Angeles.