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Scott Bille

Scott Bille

Interactive Director

The Professional

  • BFA from Edinboro University of PA.

  • 20 years in marketing and communications.

  • Strategic thinker, blending creative with technical.

  • Passion for ever-evolving online communication methods.

  • Finds the order hiding within chaos.

The Personal

  • Fan of eclectic music.

  • Environmental activist.

  • Has built several log homes.

  • Fan of rational thought, harmony and coincidence.

  • Believes déjà vu is a premonition finally coming true.

Recent posts by Scott

  1. Strategy

    The Forgotten Audience Segment

    As marketers, we’re pretty good at defining audience groups within our target market, identifying their pain points and developing messaging that addresses those points. On a good day, we even come up with unique messaging for each audience segment. But there’s one segment that most marketers forget, ignore or consider to be “not our problem”—existing […]

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  2. Strategy

    7 Steps to Lead Generation and Nurturing in a Long Sales Cycle

    Know what drives your prospects. As marketers, we need to help our sales teams with longer sales cycles face one of their biggest challenges: staying top-of-mind during a decision-making process that can drag on for months or years. At AB&C, we’ve come up with a process that uses strategy and technology to meet this challenge […]

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