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Leila Marvel

Leila Marvel

Associate Creative Director

The Professional

  • Graduated from Pratt Institute in 2004 with a BA in visual communications.

  • Multiple logos published in the highly ranked LogoLounge books, with one also printed on the side of a corporate jet… life goals.

  • Favorite go-to brainstorming tactic is to write 100 words associated with the problem.

  • Takes pride in creating designs to support local nonprofits, artisans and musicians on the East Coast. #communityiseverything

  • Finds satisfaction in filling in the task boxes on her whiteboard.

The Personal

  • Courtney Love once purchased several pieces of her handmade jewelry.

  • First poltergeist experience was at the age of 11, which led to her becoming a paranormal investigator.

  • Collects early-American hearth brooms, with over 20 in her collection.

  • Part of a monthly friends’ horror movie club called “Murder Club.”

  • In the early ’80s, she was crowned a pageant queen as “Little Miss Hemisphere.” (Just ask. She’s got pictures to prove it.)