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Matt Caspari

Matt Caspari

Senior Creative Director

The Professional

  • Renegade University of Pennsylvania history major.

  • Writer for ad agencies in New York, Chicago and London.

  • Worked for Cliff Freeman for a couple years after he wrote “Where’s the Beef.”

  • Has lost track of his advertising awards … and most of the awards themselves.

  • Partner/creative director at Caspari McCormick for 17 years.

The Personal

  • Once a Junior Olympics archery instructor. Once had better vision too.

  • Won the same national college fiction competition as Joyce Carol Oates.

  • Accepted to University of Washington Law School. Never attended.

  • Has an identical twin. And he is a lawyer.

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    A couple months ago, I went to Phoenix on a business trip. While there, I went to several restaurants. At many of them, it seemed as if the pandemic didn’t exist. People were welcome without masks, often without the familiar request to wear a mask until you get to your table. Yet, in one restaurant […]

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    Yes, you’re in competition. With the couch.

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