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Paul Pomeroy

The Professional

  • Degrees from Georgetown and George Washington in marketing and business.

  • 18 years at AB&C.

  • Retired three-term elected official.

The Personal

  • Recovering bartender.

  • Avowed aviophobe.

  • Can kickbox at a 5th-grade level.

Recent posts by Paul

  1. Observations

    How to Prevent the Agency Letdown

    So, your business needs a marketing communications agency. Where do you start? Common sense tells you to ask for recommendations, look up agencies that you’ve heard have a good reputation and do lots of internet research. Even if my intention for this blog was to offer you advice on starting an agency search, I couldn’t—not […]

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  2. Observations

    Are you an Agent of Change?

    While business owners keep the doors open, change agents do that and more. They constantly challenge the status quo and find new ways to achieve greater success—and then work tirelessly to ensure that success. These driven people share four traits: They invest in good people. Success hinges upon the people you surround yourself with. Change […]

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  3. Strategy

    Good Ad or Sucky Ad

    As a guy who works in advertising I often get asked by family, friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers to offer my opinion on current ads in the marketplace. I find this funny because, unlike most people, when I meet doctors, lawyers and auto mechanics, I don’t find a way to wedge questions related to lumps […]

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