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Shawn Kessler

Shawn Kessler

Partner — Recruitment Division

The Professional

  • Awarded the Association of American Medical College’s Award of Distinction.

  • Recruitment marketing campaigns have been featured in HealthLeaders Media.

  • Has presented at multiple Association of Staff Physician Recruiters national conferences.

The Personal

  • Former social misfit who played New York’s CBGB.

  • Owns a small farm with two horses and a pony.

  • Loves playing music (guitar and bass).

  • Has two kids who are simply awesome.

  • Would give probation officer’s name but is worried you would contact him.

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    Need to Innovate? Diversify.

    It’s one thing to claim a diverse workforce or patient population. It’s another thing to nurture a genuine culture of inclusion — one in which everyone feels welcomed and valued, one in which everyone can contribute to his or her fullest potential to achieve organizational objectives. This is where the rubber meets the road. Organizations […]

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    Help! Millennials are Taking Over the Workforce

    That’s it. The world is ending. These millennials are going to ruin what is great about our businesses. You know, they’re lazy. They don’t communicate well. They’re completely self-absorbed. They’re… they’re… going to do amazing things if we allow them to! I’ve been helping national leaders recruit talent for more than 15 years, and I’ve […]

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