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When Philadelphia business leaders need tech talent, they call on AB&C.

The Story

When the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s CEO for the Council for Growth realized Philadelphia-based businesses were struggling to attract technology talent, they called on AB&C to help fill the pipeline.

The Strategy

AB&C set up group strategy sessions and interviews with council members and identified the unique benefits available for tech candidates who make their careers in Philadelphia: 

  • Philadelphia offers you a wide variety of career opportunities. An individual can find not just their next job, but their next three jobs. 

  • The region is a wonderful place to raise a family, from an affordable cost of living to beaches, mountains, rural communities and other metro areas. 

  • For a decade, Philly has received national recognition/positive rankings as a highly attractive place to live and work. 

Using imagery that showed women in tech and using symbols and language that would resonate with programming professionals, AB&C’s creative team developed a campaign to attract a diverse group of tech professionals.  

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