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Posts by Emory Au

  1. Creative

    Color Schemes Set the Tone

    What is a color scheme? As defines it: an arrangement or pattern of colors or colored objects conceived of as forming an integrated whole As designers, we are trained to seek out color schemes to communicate an idea and to justify its use in our work, whether it’s a graphic logo, a painting or […]

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  2. Creative

    Turned out to be a best-seller

    What began as freelance project to illustrate a book cover turned into an opportunity to design the entire book. The owner of a small start-up publishing house, who is familiar with my work and has also bought a few of my paintings, asked me to illustrate a cover for a book she was putting together. […]

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  3. Creative

    Color is all relative

    Though we all know about color — the ones we like and the ones we don’t like — color is often misunderstood. In certain combinations, colors can scream or whisper. This is because colors are influenced by adjacent colors. In our industry, designers understand how important color choices are. To the untrained eye, color choice […]

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  4. Creative

    How color can influence your audience

    So, I’m driving along an unfamiliar country road enjoying the scenery when I approach a crossroads with a red octagonal sign but no words. What’s a guy to do? Instinct tells me to take my foot off the gas and come to a stop. This may seem like a no-brainer but there’s a reason for […]

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  5. Agency Life

    Shaking it up

    So much is made of “thinking out-of-the-box” that it is beginning to sound trite. And where is the line that differentiates out-of-the-box thinking from way-out-there thinking or out-in-left-field thinking? Does that really matter? Sometimes the solution you end up with is perfect—maybe not for the problem you began with, but for something else. I guess […]

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