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Posts by Shawn Kessler

  1. Recruitment Marketing

    Need to Innovate? Diversify.

    It’s one thing to claim a diverse workforce or patient population. It’s another thing to nurture a genuine culture of inclusion — one in which everyone feels welcomed and valued, one in which everyone can contribute to his or her fullest potential to achieve organizational objectives. This is where the rubber meets the road. Organizations […]

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  2. Recruitment Marketing

    Help! Millennials are Taking Over the Workforce

    That’s it. The world is ending. These millennials are going to ruin what is great about our businesses. You know, they’re lazy. They don’t communicate well. They’re completely self-absorbed. They’re… they’re… going to do amazing things if we allow them to! I’ve been helping national leaders recruit talent for more than 15 years, and I’ve […]

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  3. Recruitment Marketing

    How a portal can offer a better user experience.

    A website portal is an excellent way to brand your organization and offer members something more specific then the general information on your website. We recently updated one of our client’s physician recruitment portals by asking these three simple, strategic questions: What do your clients want? Make your site easy to navigate so visitors can […]

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  4. Recruitment Marketing

    Heightening your brand versus hiring locum tenens

    The best physicians deliver better care. But what’s the best way to find those physicians? Investing in locum tenens to fill vacancies can certainly deliver the physicians your patients need, and there will always be a need for them. But at what cost? The physicians’ longevity and loyalty are uncertain, and they’re only a short-term […]

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  5. Recruitment Marketing

    5 easy steps for building a case for recruitment

    Nobody has to tell you times are tough. Budgets are tight. And senior execs at your hospital or health system likely believe your efforts to attract physicians and advance practitioners are getting more expensive. And to an extent, they’re right — because they only look at recruitment as an expense. It’s our job to show […]

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  6. Recruitment Marketing

    And we wonder why there is a physician shortage?

    In August, I’m headed to sunny Tucson, AZ, for the annual Association of Physician Recruiters (ASPR) Conference. Along with my friend and colleague Emerson Moses of One Medical Group, I’ll present on how technology is changing recruitment. Thanks to our partnership with, we’ll have great data from our 2013 market research survey on physicians […]

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  7. Recruitment Marketing

    Generational differences? More like generational frustration!

    Shari Short, president of Short Answer Consulting, and I were privileged to present at the recent 2013 National Association of Physician Recruiters Annual Conference. We spoke about communicating with different generations and what it means to physician and advanced practitioner recruiters. Our observations on the differences between communicating with the silent generation (66+), Baby Boomers […]

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  8. Recruitment Marketing

    The benefits of a strong employment brand

    Let’s face it: Physicians looking for a new position can easily find a ton of options. They make a couple of calls, check a couple of websites, and bam — a shiny new career opportunity. The challenge is, how do you get them to select your shiny new career opportunity? Ladies and gentlemen, let me […]

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  9. Recruitment Marketing

    Discovering physicians’ priorities and the best way to reach them

    AB&C recently teamed with MDLinx to conduct a survey of 500 general practitioners, medical specialists and surgical specialists at different stages of their careers. Our research revealed similarities and surprises regarding their professional priorities and the best ways to reach them. First, “show me the money”—financial rewards—still ranked as their number-one priority, followed by autonomy/independence, […]

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  10. Recruitment Marketing

    Physician recruitment predictions for 2012

    2011 saw increased demand for a limited supply of physicians in hospitals and primary care practices. 2012 will be even more competitive. Here are the top four issues we predict will have the greatest impact on recruiting success: 4. We’ll recruit through mobile devices. Doctors are on the go and using smart phones more than […]

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  11. Recruitment Marketing

    He’s a great candidate, but…

    Social networking recruitment has become the “must do” sourcing activity across all of HR. Whether it’s using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – the pressure to use these channels is greater now than ever. And without knowing it, recruiters and talent evaluators are falling into some significant legal traps. Using social networks is an excellent way to […]

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  12. Tech

    Are you a mix tape, or a playlist?

    It seems like only yesterday. I wanted to catch the attention of that special person and I knew the perfect way to go about doing it — the mix tape! A combination of all those songs that would tell her exactly how I felt and why she should want my company as much as I […]

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  13. Strategy

    Silence is not the answer.

    Fear is a terrible thing. Especially when it causes healthcare systems to back away from using a potentially powerful communications tool. When it comes to using social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, healthcare systems tend to fall into two categories. The first suffers from significant fear regarding negative feedback that may come from […]

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  14. Recruitment Marketing

    Face it, you’re different.

    Successful recruitment is more than simply putting together a job description and posting it out to the industry’s dominant job board. In your struggle to find top talent you need to understand two essential truths: 1.) You are different; and 2.) Your differences are what make your organization attractive. What makes you different is your […]

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  15. Recruitment Marketing

    So long, Recruitment 1.0. Hello, Recruitment 2.0!

      Physician recruiters have fallen on hard times. Once viewed as heroes who deliver agents of change to organizations in need, they now find themselves constrained by ever-growing demands on their time and budgetary resources. As a result, recruiters are finding it harder to compete — they can only do so much with their list […]

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