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Posts by Valerie Cole

  1. Digital Media

    Facebook changes how marketers can promote posts.

    On January 15, Facebook users are going to see a cleaned-up newsfeed with less clutter and more controls for promotional posts. Facebook decided to make these changes after surveying users and learning they want less promotional content and more stories from friends and posts from pages they opted in to see. Facebook decided to crack […]

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  2. Research

    New emerging demographic: Post-Millennials

    For years we’ve been studying Millennials. We know their mindset, values and technographics. We know where to find them online and offline. We know the best ways marketing can gain their brand loyalty and how to entice them to become advocates for our brands. Except, most Millennials are now 18 to 34 years old. Millennials […]

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  3. Digital Media

    Three key metrics small businesses should be tracking

    Google Analytics is a data source powerhouse. It can measure almost everything, so it can be pretty overwhelming. Here are a few key metrics any small business, blogger or marketer just starting out should focus on. Where is my target audience? In Google Analytics, if you look at your demographics by location, you can get […]

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