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Digital Media

  1. Jason Trojanowski
    Jason Trojanowski

    When to Use New Technologies in Marketing

    When it comes to new technology, marketers are often like a newborn playing with a set of keys. It’s new. It’s shiny. And we just need to have it and play with it. But, just because it is new and cool doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit, and often marketers adopt a new technology […]

  2. Erin Mulrooney
    Erin Mulrooney

    Digital Media Reporting: All Greek or All Powerful?

    A client once told me, “I don’t need to be bothered with digital media reports.” For digital media professionals, this statement stops the music, and we refrain from asking the obvious question out loud: “If you don’t care about the results, why did you even bother to invest money in this campaign?” Of course this […]

  3. Ashley Shuey
    Ashley Shuey

    Podcasts—Back and Bigger Than Ever

    Let’s pretend it’s 2010. Your friend asks, “Have you been listening to this podcast?” Everyone stares blankly at said individual because they’re thinking podcasts are those weird audio recordings that loners produce in their parents’ basement when they’re not crushing the high score in DDR at the local arcade. Fast-forward to 2017. Podcasts like Serial, […]

  4. AB&C

    Is Digital Media the Next Political Battleground?

    By Erin Mulrooney, Ashley Shuey and Megan Egan No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the 2016 presidential election has been entertaining, unconventional and thought-provoking, with much owed to online media—and social media in particular. And as we take a look at the election through the digital media lens, it begs the question: […]

  5. AB&C

    HTML 5: Death to Flash

      by: Kathleen Doyle and Michael English While we’ve heard rumblings in the industry about the demise of Flash for some time, it has become a reality only recently. Here’s a quick history of the rocky relationship between the Internet and Flash. Back in 2007, Apple chose not to allow a Flash player plugin on […]

  6. Valerie Cole
    Valerie Cole

    Facebook changes how marketers can promote posts.

    On January 15, Facebook users are going to see a cleaned-up newsfeed with less clutter and more controls for promotional posts. Facebook decided to make these changes after surveying users and learning they want less promotional content and more stories from friends and posts from pages they opted in to see. Facebook decided to crack […]

  7. Maria Mongelli
    Maria Mongelli

    How digital solutions help healthcare organizations

    We know you. You’re a hospital or a healthcare system looking to increase your brand awareness or service-line volumes in your noisy city. You’re one of many hospitals patients can choose from when they have an emergency, need a doctor or are looking for preventive programs. And you’ve probably noticed that when patients come in […]

  8. John Sammons
    John Sammons

    Taxicab advertising goes digital!

    When it comes to media outlets our ever-increasing demand for interaction has forced certain traditional forms of advertising to evolve — or risk the fate of the eight-track player. What comes to mind when you picture taxicab advertising — probably a small billboard atop a yellow car, right? Well think again. Taxi cab advertising is now […]

  9. Valerie Gentieu
    Valerie Gentieu

    Google Partnership — What is it and how did we achieve it?

    Back in November 2013, Google replaced its Google Certification Program with its Google Partners Program. Originally, if you worked in the paid search space you would take Google AdWords exams to achieve Google Certification. This meant you were deemed an expert in Google AdWords, making you a more attractive employee and giving your company a […]

  10. Valerie Cole
    Valerie Cole

    Hit or miss: measuring clicks, visits, visitors and pageviews

    In the world of analytics, there’s this one, single dirty word that never fails to grate on an analyst’s nerves: “hit.” As in: “How many hits did we get?” “Did we get any hits on our landing page?” “Can you check the hits for me on that campaign?” I’ll let you in on a secret: […]

  11. Emily Desimone
    Emily Desimone

    Tell me a story: Shaking up what’s interesting in your numbers

    Working in the media department, I’ve been learning how to put together digital media reports. And I’ve learned that, while there is great power in facts and figures, a well-told story can move mountains. Numbers are forgotten over time. To engage our clients, we need to shape those numbers into stories. In our reporting, we […]

  12. Valerie Cole
    Valerie Cole

    Bench that benchmark—and target your marketing campaign results!

    Last June, Bank of America’s Small Business Community asked me about setting benchmarks for digital campaigns. There’s no denying benchmarks have a lot of value. We use them to see how our campaigns perform based on the industry standard. Having a hard and fast number definitely draws the line in the sand between what is […]

  13. John Sammons
    John Sammons

    Dallas’s digital dynasty begins

    Sports marketing has been around at least since the 1870s, when a tobacco company started making baseball cards and sticking them in cigarette packs. Any sports fan will tell you that there is a special level of respect for those advertisers that sponsor their favorite team. Nowhere is this respect more evident than within the […]

  14. Valerie Gentieu
    Valerie Gentieu

    What’s all this twerking about?

    If you’re anything like me, a 30-something year old parent who’s typically in bed by 9:30 most nights, you probably weren’t up to watch this year’s MTV’s VMAs. But like most people today, the first thing we go for when we wake up is our mobile device, so the previous night’s big topics are all […]

  15. Jill Ditton
    Jill Ditton

    B2B goes digital

    Business-to-business publishers have embraced the digital world. The trend among them is to put an exact copy of their print version online. The only change most of them make is to add hotlinks to their advertisers’ websites. While digital does not yet make up the majority of the total circulation of most magazines, we need […]

  16. Kathleen Doyle
    Kathleen Doyle

    Move over Pandora! Make room for iTunes Radio.

    On June 10, Apple confirmed rumors that they will be entering into the world of Internet radio. iTunes Radio is expected to launch in fall of 2013 when Apple releases its iOS7 upgrade to its mobile devices. With 120 million people listening to Internet radio, the playing field is highly competitive, occupied by several providers […]

  17. John Sammons
    John Sammons

    Digital is dynamic

    Digital outdoor displays are quickly becoming one of the best mediums for cost-effective, high-impact advertising. With the ability to change a client’s creative frequently and immediately, digital outdoor displays allow you to target your consumer with the most time-relevant message. Another advantage of digital displays over traditional static displays is consumer retention. Research shows that while […]

  18. Valerie Cole
    Valerie Cole

    Three key metrics small businesses should be tracking

    Google Analytics is a data source powerhouse. It can measure almost everything, so it can be pretty overwhelming. Here are a few key metrics any small business, blogger or marketer just starting out should focus on. Where is my target audience? In Google Analytics, if you look at your demographics by location, you can get […]

  19. Valerie Gentieu
    Valerie Gentieu

    What makes an impression really an impression?

    For as long as I’ve been in the business of planning and purchasing digital media, we have been buying display ads by impressions served. That means that when the server serving up the banner ad to the site records that an impression has been served, it is counted as an impression. When you buy display […]

  20. Lee Ann Qualls
    Lee Ann Qualls

    The rise of the tablet

    I’m not an early adopter. I let other folks experience first-generation electronics to pave the way for me. I wait to hear a little more, watch the products and read reviews to make completely sure of any new purchase. But this past Christmas, I was starting to feel left behind. Young children were walking around […]

  21. Amanda McGowan
    Amanda McGowan

    How do your paid text ads rank in search results?

    You have a paid search engine campaign for your client right? Of course you do. It’s 2012 — how could your client not be present in paid search results? More and more often, online advertising has come to mean search engine advertising or, more simply, paid text ads that appear in search results. While this […]

  22. Kelly Hocutt
    Kelly Hocutt

    A new definition of “online social networks”

    “How did Facebook advertisers know I think James Franco is hot?” Have you ever wondered if Google employees read your email? You’re not alone. Audience targeting in online advertising may seem creepy when you don’t understand how it works. And it’s even more threatening when the investigation of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! by data-protection agencies […]

  23. Lee Ann Qualls
    Lee Ann Qualls

    Digital billboards – the fastest growth in the out-of-home category

    According to Media Life, digital out-of-home spending will leap 13.2% from 2008 to 2013 — total spending will reach $4.53 billion, up from $2.6 billion this year. Video ad networks (screens in office buildings, health clubs, fast food chains and gas stations) will make up the largest portion, but the fastest growth in the category […]

  24. David Michaluk
    David Michaluk

    Advertising revenue and paradigm shifts

    Have you seen “Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet” by Eric Clemons? Reads partially like another “pay for content” scheme. But it is totally true that most premium (and non-premium) content creators cannot sustain their business models based on their current advertising model. could not support its robust site and content without the […]