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Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Show your True Colors: Diversity for the Win.

    The term “diversity” is popping up more and more in in the news and within our organizations. Why? Diversity is great for business—it’s a key driver of innovation, and it’s crucial for companies that want to attract top talent. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is no longer just “training” that your employer requires you to complete—it’s […]

  2. Indiana Could Learn Something from the Oakland A’s

    Indiana could learn something from California, or at least from a member of the Oakland Athletics. Diversity has been on the minds of everyone in the country this week. Obviously, we have all heard about the religious-freedom law that Indiana just “secretly” not-so-secretly passed. I am positive that if you did not have an opinion […]

  3. Diversity Can Be a Huge Recruitment Differentiator

    Hospitals and healthcare systems that promote rewarding team-oriented work environments surely get their fair share of physician candidates. But those who champion inclusion and diversity in their workplaces often fare even better. That’s because a more diverse group of people can offer varied perspectives on issues from patient care and treatment to harmony in the […]

  4. AB&C

    Diversity and Inclusion: Why It’s Important for your Organization

    It’s no secret why organizations that focus on having a diverse workplace solve problems with a unique perspective and develop cultural competencies that help them with their bottom line. Diversity and inclusion messaging targeted at specific groups is being seen more and more in advertising and employee recruitment messaging. Our own Tara Moore realizes how […]

  5. The word is out: Diversity is in.

    To steal a line from one of the best songs ever written, it’s been a long time coming — but a change has finally come to advertising. While the country generally has grown more socially liberal, advertising has lagged behind. According to a recent Ad Age article, advertising has proved to be the last frontier […]

  6. Facebook: no longer just for boys and girls

    On February 13, social media giant Facebook took a courageous step forward by improving its gender identity feature. Previously it only offered “male” or “female” as a user’s choices. It now lists over 50 possibilities, along with pronouns the user can choose to let friends know how they would like to be referred to publicly. […]

  7. Women shouldn’t have rights

      Lack of diversity affects our lives personally and professionally. In this country, equality for everyone — minority, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender — seems like a simple concept. Sadly, I struggle every day to understand why it is not. Challenges such as marriage equality and feeling safe in the workplace (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) are […]

  8. One logo’s revolutionary social media Impact

    On Tuesday, March 26, social media experienced a huge surge from Facebook page owners across the globe. In reaction to the Supreme Court’s discussion of DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) and California’s Proposition 8, which recognizes only opposite-sex marriages, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) asked its followers to change their Facebook profile pictures to […]