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Maria Mongelli

Maria Mongelli

Division Director, Account Services

The Professional

  • Adjunct professor in the communications department at Arcadia University.

  • Active member of SHSMD and Forum.

  • Nearly 25 years of experience in PR, marketing, and communications.

  • Spent more than a decade working in hospitals before joining the agency.

The Personal

  • Juggles life with kids who play on six different sports teams.

  • Cheerleading coach and certified instructor (never cheered a day in her life).

  • All-conference softball and basketball player in college.

  • Loves vacationing at Disney World.

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    Now more than ever, people need to take care of their health. Are healthcare providers sending the right messages to them?

    Communicating that it is safe to get preventative care such as mammograms is essential to getting healthcare kick-started. With the advent of consumerism and the preponderance of healthcare information, we now have an “army” of informed healthcare consumers in our country. Where have they been during this pandemic? What happened to preventative medicine or annual […]

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    Telemedicine Is Here to Stay

    It’s in the news every day. This pandemic is crippling some hospitals’ resources, while others are ready and waiting. But all hospitals have stopped elective procedures and are experiencing that impact on their revenue. Some have even been forced to furlough employees and staff. But what can we as marketers do to help? Many of […]

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