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Tara Moore

Tara Moore

Associate Director, Recruitment Marketing

The Professional

  • An AD in commercial photography, a BA in business management, an MBA in human resources and a postgraduate certificate in diversity studies.

  • More than a dozen years working in healthcare.

  • Has boundless energy, incisive wit and bulldog tenacity.

  • Won the 2011 Golden Cow award from AB&C.

The Personal

  • Has a 12-foot-tall bookshelf filled with books she’s read.

  • Is a horrible cook.

  • Loves any and every beach.

  • Has been a college student for more than 10 years (still isn’t sure she’s done yet).

  • Secretly wants to study anthropology.

Recent posts by Tara

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    The term “diversity” is popping up more and more in in the news and within our organizations. Why? Diversity is great for business—it’s a key driver of innovation, and it’s crucial for companies that want to attract top talent. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is no longer just “training” that your employer requires you to complete—it’s […]

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  2. Indiana Could Learn Something from the Oakland A’s

    Indiana could learn something from California, or at least from a member of the Oakland Athletics. Diversity has been on the minds of everyone in the country this week. Obviously, we have all heard about the religious-freedom law that Indiana just “secretly” not-so-secretly passed. I am positive that if you did not have an opinion […]

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